5 Best Ways To Save Your iPhone’s Battery

Everyone gets an issue with the battery life you just need to fix few things that are going to save battery life, we have gathered 5 Best Ways To Save Your iPhone’s Battery life :


1. Observe how hot or cold your phone gets.

Extreme temperature makes your phone work harder to carry out and can drain your battery life. Apple recommends keeping your device between 32°F and 95°F  for it to run at its best.

2. Don’t close your applications.

You may have heard that clearing them out will save battery life, but it’s a myth. Often closing applications actually use up more battery power and make your phone work slower.

3. Low power mode.

It’s too easy: You need to Go to Settings > Battery and select Low Power Mode. You will barely notice a difference, but the feature turns off battery drainers like mail fetch, auto-downloads, and certain visual effects. It also lowers your phone’s brightness.

4. Background App Refresh.     

This feature is significant for keeping your applications up to date automatically, but it’s also a secret battery drainer. You can disable and manually update your applications by going to Setting > General > Background App Refresh and choose “Off.”

5. Turn Off Location Services

Location services are helpful for applications like Google Maps, but those GPS pings can weaken a battery quickly. Turn off location services completely via Settings > Privacy > Location Services and your phone will stop feeding location data to these services.

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