The Insights to Apple Watch Series 6

With the advent of 2020, Apple aimed to release multiple devices that met the various technological needs of the users. Ranging from cutting-edge technology to innovative designs, Apple designed the devices that met the highest standards of excellence and effectiveness. Apple initially started off with the launch of the iPhone, but in no time, they were developing laptops, headphones, and watches.

In the same vein, Apple has released various smartwatches known as Apple Watch. They have curated literally every smart feature a watch could curate. Apple started the smartwatch niche back in 2015, and after half a decade, Apple is working on the Apple Watch Series 6. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple Watch Series 6 is the current iteration of the original Apple Watch.

Be it the health-related features or the better wellness tactics; Apple Watch Series 6 is the ultimate notion of premium features and excellence. With this being said, some people are wondering about the watch battery replacement timespan, but why not upgrade since Apple has launched the latest version? For this purpose, we are reviewing this glamorous Apple Watch!


When it concerns Apple, they have curated a design similar to Apple Watch Series 5. To begin with, this current iteration has a slim-bezel in the display, along with 44mm and 40mm size that ensures it is diverse fitting to different wrist sizes. This watch is around 10.4mm thick, and the square-shaped design is the ultimate portrayal of elegance and nostalgia.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are no design changes in the case. With the 40mm model, the width will be around 34mm, while the height is 40mm. On the other hand, the 44mm variant has 38mm width and 44mm height. In addition to the varying measurements, there are various construction and material variants as well.

The Apple Watch Series 6 has been designed with black crystal and ceramic back, topped with a plethora of sensors. These sensors are responsible for the monitoring of blood oxygen and heart rate, along with the ECGs. There are 2x more LEDs in this watch as compared to the Apple Watch Series 5. That’s to say because there are four photodiodes and LED clusters for supporting health monitoring.

The watch has been curated with the digital crown on one side that offers easy navigation while the side button can be used for accessing the emergency services, confirming the Apple Pay purchases, and bringing up the frequently used apps. The haptic feedback is curated for offering higher control on the watch and is usually used for the ECG app because it has a built-in electrode.

Always-On Display

Apple Watch Series s6 has been designed with the OLED ultra-low-power temperature poly-silicon, along with LTPO that helps enable the always-on display. As a result, the users will be allowed seamless availability of the information. With this being said, the users won’t need to raise the wrist for checking the time because of the always-on display.

On the other hand, the display dims down when you are not checking the metrics to ensure the preservation of the battery. As far as the refresh rate is concerned, this Apple Watch has extreme intensity because it can charge up to 60Hz and drop down to 1Hz with the activity and inactivity, respectively. With this being said, it has 2.5x higher brightness that’s higher visibility in the sun.

Apple Watch Series 6 has been designed with a barometric altimeter that helps track the elevation, which is actually suitable for people who like to hike and ski. The display has 1000-nits brightness, and the aluminum model has the ion-x for protecting the display. On the other hand, the stainless steel watch has a sapphire crystal glass that offers better scratch resistance.

No More Force Touch

If you’ve been using Apple Watches for a long time, you would be aware of the force touch gesture already. In case you don’t know, this feature helped pop up the interactive settings and menus when you press the watch display. However, Apple has now removed the force touch with watchOS 7, which means the gestures are no longer available.

Apple Watch Series 6 promises higher accessibility but the new swipe down gestures are extremely impactful. For instance, the users can now clear the notifications by swiping down to the top. You can curate the swipe down gesture for composing the message. Also, there are new icons for tapping.

Water Resistance

When it comes down to the Apple Watch Series 6, it has 50m water immersion, accrediting to the adhesives and seals. However, the speaker is the point of ingress, but Apple didn’t disappoint there either; it is designed to expel water and moisture through the utilization of sound vibrations. With this being said, the Apple Watch is safe for swimming in shallow water, but showering and waterskiing aren’t the right places.

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