Future of Apple Watch – Looking At the Futuristic Patents

Apple is the name of innovation, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say. That Apple constantly tries to build something new. That puts them ahead on the competitive edge. For the most part, there is constant development undergoing at Apple. Which can be seen how their products have improved over the course of time or from the time of the first official product launch.

In the same vein, Apple Watch has progressed immensely over the period, and they have improved previous generations. It’s pretty evident that new and innovative technology has always been a standalone factor for every Apple Watch. For instance, the Apple Watch Series 5 is designed with ECG readings, LTE, and fall detection.

For the most part, Apple has been filing every possible patent to secure its cutting-edge technology. It’s pretty evident that they file the patents years before launching the actual products or years before the Apple Watch lands on your wrist. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that gaining insights into the patents will offer an eagle eye into the future.

There are high chances that the majority of patents won’t make it to reality. Still, it shares the vision of what might be going on in the creative department at Apple. So, for everyone who is a fan of the Apple Watch, we have compiled various patents and ideas that Apple might be implementing for Apple Watch in the near or later future. So, have a look!

Face ID

For everyone who is fond of Apple, we are pretty sure that you would be in love with the iPhone and how the Face ID has become the ultimate staple. With this being said, there are higher chances that Apple might be bringing the Face ID feature to the Apple Watch. This is an absolute possibility because they can miniaturize the components according to the Watch’s size.

It all started with iPhone X, and there was tacked-on battery life, of course. In addition, Apple might integrate the front camera to Apple Watch for Face ID purposes. Because who’s going to capture selfies through the wrist. Apple Watch is extensively used for optimizing contactless payment, but it majorly depends on how much pressure is applied for the PIN security method.

With this being said, the utilization of Face ID will positively influence the security and sensitivity for accessing health records and bank accounts. The Touch ID patents were always broadcasted with the digital crown. For this purpose, Apple Watch already has a PIN security method, and integration of Face ID will be the step-above approach. So, it’s highly likely to happen!

Modular & Expandable Design

Yes, Apple has filed and secured the patent for the tech innovation that would empower the users to upgrade the parts of the Apple Watch, such as more sensors. With this being said, the consumer scales have shaken their heads to modular technology with Blocks and Project Ara. So, this technology has the slightest implementation chances.

However, one cannot completely dismiss the idea out of hand. This is because the patent technology for gas sensing is already out. On the other hand, the blood glucose feature might be added to the Apple Watch, but it might compromise the overall design. If we consider the likeability, the chances are fewer, but again, nothing is impossible with Apple, right?

Driving Features

Sure, looking at and using your phone during driving is difficult. But checking the notification on Apple Watch is equally dangerous as well. With this being said, Apple has filed a patent through which Apple will use the sensors to determine. If you are driving and limit the notifications accordingly. This will be similar to the Do Not Disturb mode on the iPhone, so it might be available for Apple Watch in the near future. With this being said, Apple Watch lovers can bank on it!

Gesture Control

The gesture patents landed back in 2016, but the recent patent reveals. That Apple is working on bringing hand movement recognition to the Apple Watch. The patent was filed and secured back in 2019. Users can reject the call with the palm face down, make a phone call by extending the forefinger and thumb, and unlock the car by extending the fingers.

This patent also reflects on how the cross-section of the human arm. Will be used to monitor or read the hand gestures. Even more, this is a high possibility that Apple might use inertial sensors, optical sensors, myoelectric sensors, and mechanical contact sensors for studying the overall finger and hand movement. There are additional relevant patents in the pipeline as well.

With this being said, the Apple Watch might curate the VR control with which the hand veins will be tracked. Lastly, the patent could reveal the wrist movement for dismissal of calls. So, would you wait for the forthcoming technology or search for repair Apple Watch screen service? future of apple watch.

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