Getting the Best Performance from Your MacBook

Not so long ago, people were searching for laptop repair near me. Still, Apple put a halt to these queries by launching the advanced MacBook. That’s designed with cutting-edge technology and quick processing that establishes the highest standards of performance. If you’ve been an Apple user for a long time, you’d know that the best MacBook is one of the most profound Apple products out there.

With this being said, an extensive range of people was using the MacBook, They couldn’t harness the performance and functionality as Apple designed it to offer. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the MacBook is the most popular notebook in the industry. Consequently, we are sharing some hacks and tricks through which you will be able to harness the highest potential of the MacBook. Let’s see!

Putting MacBook to Sleep

If you’ve been using notebooks and laptops for a long time, you will get how we just shut off the screen and initiate sleep mode. In simpler words, putting the MacBook to sleep is the common practice. People usually decipher that sleep helps conserve the battery and allow the users to pick up from where they left off.

With this being said, Apple has three sleep versions, such as sleep, safe sleep, and hibernation. All three variants come with a fair share of pros and cons. Conversely, we suggest that you understand the ins and outs of these three sleep features to ensure you are actually extending the lifecycle of your MacBook because it directly impacts the performance.

Changing the Sleep Features on MacBook

The models since 2005 are designed with the Safe Sleep mode as the default mode when it comes down to the MacBook. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Safe Sleep is the doctor’s prescription. However, if you want to improve the battery life and overall lifecycle, we suggest opting for other sleep functions. So, once you gain information about different sleep functions, you can choose better, such as;

  • Sleep Mode – This mode leaves the RAM switched on. which means you can pick up from where you left off rather quickly
  • Safe Sleep Mode – This mode copes with the RAM content, promising quick data recovery in case there are battery failure or hardware issues; Mac sleeps while the RAM remains switched on
  • Hibernation Mode – this mode copies the RAM information. Before the sleep mode is initiated since RAM switches off with this mode

Energy Saver Preference Pane

For every MacBook user who wants to control the energy utilization with the portable notebook, customizing the energy saver preference pane is the right choice. It has an easy to use interface with which you can manage when the MacBook puts down to sleep, the spinning downtime for the hard drive, and the time for display switch off. Also, it comes with additional power-saving features.

The power-saving features depend on the MacBook generation, such as the Power Nap feature on the latest MacBook. However, some MacBook models are designed to empower the users to set the shut-down, restart, start, and sleep times for the MacBook.

Mac Notebook Battery Calibration

The modern and advanced MacBook is designed with built-in lithium polymer batteries that can be replaced or services through the Apple Authorized Service Providers. However, the Apple Store technicians can help with the battery as well. On the other hand, the old MacBook models have removable batteries.

First, the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook from 2009 don’t require calibration, but the older models can be calibrated. This is basically because the battery processor efficiently manages the battery performance and sees how much time is left for the charging. This is basically because the processor needs the battery performance information for optimizing the prediction metrics.

Resetting The Mac SMC

When it comes down to resetting the system management controller on the MacBook, it helps solve the majority of issues that are encountered on the MacBook. This is the hardware component that connects the housekeeping functions to make sure performance is up to par. For instance, if there are battery issues with MacBook and sleep issues or slow performance, the SMC will help fix everything. However, you will need to recalibrate the Mac battery if the model is from before 2009.

Saving The Battery

While using the MacBook, the users are always finding ways to save the battery, and the energy saver preference pane can be easily managed. However, easy usability is the drawback in the case of the hard drive spinning down. According to the energy saver preference pane, the hard disks must be put to sleep when possible. So, we suggest that you set the inactivity wait time and help save the battery.

Upgrading The Mac’s RAM

If you want to harness the MacBook’s top-notch performance, we suggest that you upgrade the RAM. Some Macs have soldered RAM, which cannot be upgraded. However, the MacBook Pro models have upgradeable RAM that will help enhance the performance and speed. With this being said, getting the work done will be faster than ever on MacBook with an upgrade in RAM!

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