How To Unlock A Network Locked iPhone For Free

To begin with, yes, you have the perfect iPhone. On the contrary, some people are still struggling with network locked iPhones. In fact, it can be pretty frustrating, but trust us, it’s not chaos. That’s to say because network locked iPhones can be locked. For this reason, we have outlined this article where you will get to unload your network locked iPhone (for free!).

Important Of Unlocking The Network Locked Phone

Before we start off with the methods, it’s essential to know why unlocking the iPhone from a carrier is important. In brief, there are various reasons behind this act, such as;


In the first place, selling a network locked phone can be tedious and challenging. Also, it tends to devalue the iPhone. In contrast, when the iPhone is unlocked, an incremented number of people will be interested in purchasing it, thus better price for you!

Data Plans

For the most part, the network carriers have become too expensive these days. In the same way, your current carrier’s plans might not be aligning with your needs. For this reason, getting the iPhone unlocked will enable you to shift to other carriers. In addition, you will have better data plans.

Second-Hand Phone

Generally, people with a huge network tend to have multiple phones at a time. In the same way, the unlocked iPhones have limited options. For this reason, you can buy the locked phones at a lower price to get them unlocked (a big win!).


To begin with, this might not be a priority for everyone but it’s still a plus point. Therefore, unlocked iPhones have better coverage. For instance, if you are traveling, some other carrier might be offering better roaming plans, better prices, or improved coverage

Time Needed For Unlocking The iPhone

For the most part, the time needed for unlocking the iPhone largely depends on the method you choose for unlocking. For instance, if you opt for the carrier, it will take around thirty days (oops!). On the contrary, using other unlocking services might even take less than 24 hours. Also, some people wonder how they can check if the iPhone is locked.

For this purpose, take out the current SIM card and add one from some other carrier. As a result, if the iPhone is network locked, it will not be able to connect to a network.

Unlocking The Network Locked iPhone

Method One – From Carrier

In the first place, this method revolves around how one can get their network locked iPhone unlocked through the carrier. However, there are various limitations associated with this method. To begin with, the phone contract has to be paid completely and there cannot be any outstanding payments. In addition, one can only get the iPhone unlocked from the network you are using.

Moreover, there must be zero negative associations with the iPhone. For instance, it must not be on a blacklist or shouldn’t be reported as stolen. Subsequently, there are various prerequisites that must be ensured while getting the iPhone unlocked from the network provider. Generally, the account registration name, phone number, IMEI number, and security password.

Conversely, you can either call the network to provide or contact them through live chat and explain the need for a carrier unlock. As a result, they will ask for the details (mentioned above), and once provided with, they will check to confirm the correctness of the details. Then, they will submit the request for an unlocking code. Likewise, they are likely to contact you within 30 days with the unlock code and relevant steps.

Of course, you use the details to unlock the iPhone and insert the new SIM card. In brief, it will ensure that you are able to use a new network without any hindrances.

Method Two – From Unlocking Service

For this purpose to work quickly, you can opt for the unlocking service. This is because they can help unlock the network locked iPhone within 24 hours. Generally, we suggest that you don’t use any services that demand the installation of new software. In addition, ensure that payment pages are encrypted or have the SSL certificate. Moreover, always choose a company that offers refunds.

For instance, one can opt for DirectUnlocks as it is a reliable platform. For the most part, this software is great for removing the carrier lock on the iPhone and is incredibly affordable. To begin with, this software can unload Android as well as iPhones. In addition, the network locks can be taken care of within six hours.

Above all, the services are reasonable and the entire process is conducted through the experts. Lastly, they offer permanent unlocking of the iPhone. As a result, the users are safe from any type of locks again. The bottom line is that network locks can be frustrating but we hope we were of any help!

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