iPhone 6 Battery Issues & Need For Replacement

To illustrate, iPhones are luxurious smartphones and everyone is always hoarding on one whenever there is a new launch. Similarly, Apple has launched multiple models to meet the diverse needs of the users. Coupled with the ten hours of battery life in the iPhone 6, people appalled battery timing. However, this battery timing can be contingent on the utilization frequency of the iPhone.

Accordingly, Apple has stated that the iPhone 6’s battery can keep up 80% battery health for up to 500 charging cycles. In brief, bear in mind that iPhone 6 is pretty old, and if you are still using one, the battery must be declining and you would be looking for Apple iPhone 6 battery replacement UK. In the same way, have you ever wondered about various reasons that could lead to battery issues?

To begin with, there are chances that the battery is practically dead. Thus, you will need to change and replace the phone. On the contrary, if your iPhone 6 is failing to perform aptly, there are various troubleshooting methods. For instance, a power reboot can eliminate the apps and programs from running in the background. Likewise, it will ensure that the battery doesn’t dust-up.

However, if the battery issues keep on enduring, there might be chances that it needs a battery replacement. In contrast, there are some signs that you could look for that could be leading to battery issues. In addition, there are some signals to be mindful about that tell if you need the battery replacement for your iPhone 6 or not.

Checking The Battery Health

To begin with, you can always check the battery health to see if there is a need for battery replacement. For this purpose, you can open the setting and scroll down to the battery. Then, click on the battery health and you will see the health (of course). Specifically, if the battery health is lower than 80%, there is a need for battery replacement. On the contrary, if it’s already in the 70s, you need to rush to Apple iPhone 6 battery replacement UK.


While you are working or playing the game, sudden shutdowns on the iPhone can be frustrating. Likewise, this is a sign that your iPhone 6 is in a dire need of battery replacement. Furthermore, when your iPhone starts implicating sudden shutdowns, you know that the harm is irreversible. As a result, you are suggested to opt for the battery replacement. However, when the iPhone shuts down, you can opt for execution throttling by Apple. In brief, it helps enhance battery life by various months.

Error Message

In particular, if your iPhone 6 is running on a software version from iOS 10.2.1 to iOS 11.2.6, it can show the errors. For the most part, the users receive errors like, “your iPhone battery may be adjusted.” For this reason, you will need to opt for immediate battery replacement, and the error is usually termed as mistake messages (but it is not).

Battery Draining

As compared to usual battery time, is your iPhone 6 kicking off the basket faster than usual? Nevertheless, if it’s happening, you are in dire need of battery replacement. That’s to say because batteries tend to bite the dust when they are that old. For instance, the duration of 14 to 18 months is the standard or conventional time to use the battery.

Likewise, after 14 to 18 months, there will be a need for iPhone 6 battery replacement. However, the faster battery drainage doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs a battery replacement. Therefore, it might just be because of higher utilization and age. So, it’s better to do your research before changing the battery on your iPhone 6.


For the most part, the battery-powered batteries tend to create warmth. On the contrary, there are very slight chances that your iPhone 6 will become too hot to touch. However, if it’s the case, the iPhone 6 battery is officially ruined and needs a battery replacement. In short, the hot iPhone 6 is the clear signal of the battery issue, hence a higher need for battery replacement.

Replacing The iPhone 6 Battery

In the first place, Apple is offering the battery replacement for iPhone 6 and later models. In fact, they stated that Apple is trying to offer the substitution in the later part of January. To summarize, the charges will differ because Apple changes the battery charges according to the updates.

Lifespan Of iPhone 6 Battery

To begin with, the battery tends to keep up for 35 hours with low-blended utilization, along with 14 hours of substantial usage. To illustrate, one can have two cheat days a week (with battery) if you are incredibly mindful during five other days. Conversely, it can charge completely within two hours (if it was plugged for charging at 31% battery).

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