iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement Cost

It is expensive buying an iPhone. If you have one you will want it to work perfectly. You can buy a second hand or refurbished one as well. With these, you may face the problem of the battery having an issue. If this is the case you can consider replacing the battery. The cost of this can be reasonable as well. It has been released some years before. If you are facing battery issues with it, but still want to keep it, you will be pleased to know that the battery can be replaced.

Battery aging over time

Before going to the main point of discussion you should know what occurs to an iPhone battery as time passes. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are used in the iPhone. These are said to be consumables as they are said to degrade over time.

This is not some quality issue, but it is how they function. The battery age gets measured considering battery cycles.

An iPhone has around 500 battery cycles prior to it beginning to degrade. Therefore, it can take two or more years for it to occur. It also depends on how the phone gets used.

When it degrades the phone’s, performance gets impacted. It is possible to check the life of the battery by going to Settings then Battery Health and then Maximum Capacity.

Why replace the battery?

The battery of any phone ages as time passes. Looking at the fact that the iPhone 6 got released some years before, it is no surprise that its battery may have some problems. The phone may unexpectedly restart and display a warning that there is a problem with the battery.

The phone’s performance can become throttled when it cannot handle power demands. If you switch throttling off, it can lead to more frequent crashes. Both situations are not perfect, therefore it is better to pursue battery replacement.

Cost of replacement

If you bought an iPhone 6 at a low cost and are now facing battery issues, the replacement cost will not be too much to bear. If you decide to get the replacement from Apple it can cost around £49. It can be more costly than how much you brought the phone for. If there is no store close to where you are you may have to mail it. This incurs more costs.

You can choose to get a DIY replacement pack. This is for around £35. This is similar to the price according to how much Apple will take. It depends on what route you want to take.

iFixit battery fix kit

If you decide to get the iFixit’s kit you should know that you will get a third-party replacement battery. It will not be from Apple. This is because Apple does not sell parts separately.

You will get all the tools required to open your phone and also remove the battery within.Apart from this, a hairdryer may be required to heat up as well as remove the glue present.

Impact on the phone’s warranty

When an iPhone gets opened up, the warranty becomes void. However, if the battery has aged so much that it requires replacing, you probably will have crossed the warranty that Apple has given. Therefore, this is not a point of concern.

Third-party source

You can get the battery replacement from a third-party source. It will be some store that fixes iPhones. If you choose this option, be sure to give your device to a trusted service provider. Find a reputable one by asking around. Check references as well.

Ask the warranty that they will give you for the work done. Apple’s warranty will end if you get help from a third-party person. Therefore, make sure they stand behind their products. Also, ask how much the battery replacement will cost. Do not choose one which will not charge much. It is not a good idea to select a provider only because of the price of replacement.

Replacing battery by yourself

You need to be careful if you want to replace the battery by yourself. It is better to get professional help. These people know what they are doing.

The iFixit guide provides detailed instructions concerning the steps which have to be taken. However, there may be some rather tough points. For instance, you need to heat the back area of your phone using a hairdryer so that the glue holding your old battery gets loosened. You need to be very careful so that you do not damage your phone further.

If you overheat your phone it may lead to igniting its battery. You may be confused about when it will be overheated. You have to do everything carefully if you do not want to harm the phone in any way. It depends on you whether you are confident enough to try it by yourself. The cost of battery replacement depends on who you get it replaced from. You can get it officially replaced by Apple. You can trust that they will not cheat you out. Third-party shops can be tried out as well. However here you need to be careful to get help from a trusted individual. You can also pursue the replacement by yourself, but you need to do it carefully so that the phone does not get harmed further.

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