iPhone’s Maintenance Tips for Enhancing Lifecycle

Be it the car or your air conditioner. Everything needs maintenance to ensure the lifecycle is improved and the functionality is promising. With this being said, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that routine maintenance is essential for every electronic device to ensure it best utilizes the energy and time while saving your costs in the long run.

With this being said, instead of transforming the phone into invincible technology. Optimizing the seamless and proper maintenance is more for ensuring the phone’s performance. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that users eventually upgrade their phones once. They are not okay with finding Apple iPhone 6 screen repair costs.

Similarly, if you are using an iPhone. You would know that it’s a premium and luxury-standard phone that’s designed with cutting-edge technology and innovative design. Even more, the iPhones might be premium, but they can be pretty sensitive. For the same purpose, we have outlined the maintenance tips for enhancing the lifecycle of the iPhone. Let’s check it out iPhone’s Maintenance Tips.


If there is one consistent issue with iPhone users, it’s the charging and low battery life. However, it’s essential to note that the majority of charging issues are caused by the initial steps taken by iPhone users themselves. With this being said, the experts suggest that you keep the battery within the 50% to 80% range. Because the extreme high and low charging will damage the battery, gradually but surely.

Similarly, draining the iPhone’s battery to zero and hiking it to 100% charging. This will help preserve battery life on a long-term scale. Even more, for people who plug in the charger at night and keep it plugged in till morning, they don’t have to worry about “over-charging” because iPhones are smart enough to ensure the prevention of battery damage.

In addition to the battery cycles, we suggest that you don’t use the iPhone if it’s heated up because it can adversely influence the battery. For instance, if the iPhone is hot touch, taking off the case and letting it cool down would be the wise decision. Also, one needs to protect the iPhone from extremely cold temperatures because cold weather isn’t good for your iPhone either iPhone’s Maintenance Tips.


For everyone who is using the iPhone, cleaning is an essential factor to keep in mind. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the iPhone should have a cleaning ritual of its own as well. For this purpose, we suggest that you clean the exterior by using a soft yet lint-free cloth to wipe off the fingerprints and dirt. You can also use a slightly damp cloth.

On the other hand, you mustn’t use the solvents, aerosol sprays, and abrasives for cleaning because your iPhone needs to be as away from moisture as possible. Even if you are using the cleaning spray or solution, never add it directly to the iPhone. Similarly, we suggest that you switch off your iPhone before cleaning up the iPhone.

Once you are done with exterior cleaning, let’s get into the case. So, we are pretty sure that you use the case for the iPhone to ensure protection from falls and pressure. However, the dirt can get into the case, and the long-term exposure to dirt will adversely influence the effectiveness of internal hardware parts. So, we suggest that you clean the case regularly to ensure dirt doesn’t accumulate over time.

For the most part, people tend to neglect the ports. But that’s where the dirt actually enters the iPhone. With this being said, we suggest that you clean the ports with the canned air. Or toothpick to ensure debris or dust doesn’t build up in the ports. This dust and debris not only cause issues for audio connections but charging become inefficient as well. So, clean the ports regularly!

Storage and Management

When it comes down to the iPhones, better storage and data management is one of the perks everyone is so fond of. With this being said, we suggest that your iPhone has at least 10% free space and storage. This is because this free space helps streamline the performance and positively influences the app functionality.

To begin with, the free space plays a positive role in downloading the iOS updates to ensure your iPhone works optimally. In addition, we suggest that you delete the unused apps and clear up the deleted photo folders. With this being said, you can use online storage platforms, such as Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive to store the media and files.

In addition to cleaning the storage and freeing up space, we suggest that you regularly clear the memory. For this purpose, hold the power down, and once the “slide to power off” option appears, press and hold the home button with which memory will be cleared from the iPhone.

The bottom line is that these maintenance tips will eventually help improve the functionality and lifecycle of the iPhone. Also, we suggest that you regularly reboot the iPhone’s as it streamlined the operating system iPhone’s Maintenance Tips.

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