Is iPhone 12 Mini worth Your Money? Let’s Find Out!

This year started off with a bumpy ride and became an issue for the entire world. Be it the economy crumbling to lockdowns; the entire world seemed to slow down. However, it seems like Apple has been busy since they recently launched the iPhone 12 lineup and additional smart products. Such as MacBook and AirPods.

With this being said, the entire world had been speculating about the iPhone 12 lineup since the launch got a little late. Similarly, the iPhone 12 lineup is incredibly remarkable. However, a strange thing happened this time; Apple launched the mini version, known as the iPhone 12 Mini. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this iPhone is a solid phone for the price, but the design is old, you know?

Obviously, whenever you design the smaller iPhone, there are various trade-offs involved. Everyone was wondering what sacrifices Apple made to design the iPhone 12 Mini. The starting point is that the iPhone 12 Mini has everything the iPhone 12 has but in a smaller size. So, in this article, we are sharing if iPhone 12 Mini is worth your money or not!

iPhone 12 Mini – The Overview

To begin with, the iPhone 12 Mini has been designed with a 5.4-inches display and costs around $729, but the carriers might offer some discounts. Truth be told, iPhone 12 Mini has been designed for providing convenience while offering all-day battery life. The physical size is pretty small, but the navigation with iOS 14 is extremely swipe-friendly.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a higher screen-to-body ratio which optimizes the highest standards of perfection for the compact size. The small size is a fine choice for people who like to use the iPhone single-handedly. However, it might not be good enough for checking the documents or reading the novels on your iPhone.

With this being said, the keys on the keyboards are pretty compact, so they might not be good for people with big hands. It’s pretty evident that the iPhone 12 Mini is the ultimate dream of one-handed users. Even more, this iPhone variant is a fine choice since it can be easily slipped into a pair of jeans.


iPhone 12 Mini has been designed with a glossy glass back, topped with flat aluminum sides. As a result, this iPhone 12 Mini looks like a luxurious and premium version of the iPhone 5, which makes it an appealing choice. If we look at the comparison, it’s a bit smaller than the iPhone SE 2020 model and not so bigger than iPhone 5.

However, Apple has curated the higher screen-to-body ratio, making it a fine choice for getting to see more information on the display and watching the videos. For instance, the users can now see extra conversation threads in WhatsApp, Messenger, or the default Messaging app. The glass back can get dirty pretty quickly, but topping with the case is no biggie.

When it comes down to the overall construction, people will either love or hate the boxy sides. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the iPhone 12 Mini is extremely wonderful. The best thing about the design is that it promises a top-notch and secure grip. In addition, the flat edges will make it easy for you to watch the videos or capture the photo while standing it up.

The screen size of the iPhone 12 Mini is a seamless choice for people. Who like to reach for various parts of the screen, hence the satisfaction.


iPhone 12 Mini has been designed with an impeccable and clever software band-aid with iOS to ensure users have one-handed accessibility, known as reachability. With this being said, the users can swipe down on the screen’s bottom edge. In addition, you can bring the display’s top moves to the middle of the screen, hence easier reachability. This mode is extremely beneficial for people who like to handle one task at a time.


Well, the iPhone 12 Mini might be small, but Apple hasn’t compromised on the camera with this new variant. This is because the iPhone 12 Mini has been designed with ultrawide and wide lenses, along with the selfie camera. As a result, users can capture top-notch videos and photos, resulting in cutting-edge images.

As for video making, iPhone 12 Mini has been designed to offer 4K 60 fps videos and Dolby Vision of up to 4K 30fps. With this being said, iPhone 12 Mini users are extremely satisfied with the picture and video quality that optimizes the excellence and reliability. Even more, capturing the videos and photos from the smaller iPhone is way better than using the huge-sized iPhone.

The Downsides

To be honest, the downsides are pretty limited with the iPhone 12 Mini. Firstly, the baseline storage has 64GB storage while the glass back tends to get smudgy. However, the battery life is pretty good when compared to the size. So, if you want an answer if the iPhone 12 Mini is worth your money or not, it’s a completely wise choice and is worth each penny!

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