Our Top Pick Apps For MacBook Air

To illustrate, Apple has a reputation for efficient and stable operating systems for their laptops. For this reason, the MacBook is considered to be the best laptop. On the contrary, the MacBooks don’t always have the simple yet useful features that would make one’s life easier. In addition, some apps on MacBook tend to lack or block the functionality.

However, one can always download the apps rather than going to Apple MacBook Air battery replacement. That’s to say because some downloaded apps can enhance performance. Of course, we are here to help because we have various apps for MacBook Air. Generally, these apps will enhance the functionality and performance of your MacBook.

Apps For Better User Experience

Better Snap Tool

To begin with, it is the paid app ($3) with which users can resize the window borders. In fact, the split view is always available on macOS. However, it is not intuitive enough as Microsoft Windows. Conversely, with this app, the users can drag the window to a corner and resize the windows.


In the first place, this is a free app and is suitable for optimizing the user experience. For instance, you need to stop the YouTube video by pressing the trackpad, right? On the contrary, this app will allow the users to let the screen on for specified tasks. In addition, it works with external displays. In brief, you can keep the system preferences or change them.


Above all, this is the free app which is way better than the default search tool on MacBook. Nevertheless, this is the app that allows the users to create custom shortcuts to file folders and programs. In addition, one can activate the system commands with a typed phrase or button press. In particular, the app is free but the premium features are always for $32.


To illustrate, it’s the stand-alone macOS software that allows the users to toggle various filters. Together with this app, social media extensions, URL redirects, and pop-up ads can be blocked. Above all, it works with various apps on macOS. Nevertheless, it has a two-week free trial after which you need to purchase a license.

Improved Writing Experience


Generally, people are fine with an office suite by Apple or Microsoft Office but it’s not for everyone. For this purpose, one can download LibreOffice which is a well-integrated suite. To begin with, there are spreadsheet editors and word processors in the app. The app is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. To this end, it’s a free app and has an open-source configuration.


Although Microsoft Office is the standard choice you will fall in love with the clean interface and plain texts of this app. For this reason, it makes a great choice for writing stories, scripts, novels, and poetry. Above all, there are no excessive buttons, icons, and settings to frustrate you. In brief, it has a subscription-based design but the free trial is available. In particular, monthly as well as annual payment plans are available.

Highland 2

For the most part, this is the plain text editor that fits the bills of stage plays and screenplays. In addition, there are templates available for novels. Also, there are industry-standard formats available, so the scripts are optimized automatically. Moreover, the gender analysis tool helps break down the lines spoken by the characters, as per the gender. Generally, the basic version is available for free while an on-time subscription is also available.

Day One

To begin with, many people love journaling as it’s a meditative experience. For this reason, we are talking about the Day One app which is designed to offer the digital journaling experience. In addition, the users can add voice notes, export the logs, and add photos. Moreover, the entries are always encrypted and are backed up automatically. In brief, the users can also put up the password.

Viewing Experience


For the most part, this is the heavy-duty image viewer. That’s to say because it can be used to edit the metadata and process the RAW image files and catalogs. In addition, it can set the automated processes for classifying the photos. In fact, it’s a program for professional photographers and is still available for free.

VLC Media Player

In the first place, this is one of the classics. In the same way, this software can work with various codecs and file formats. Conversely, the users can even convert the file types to another, hence various compression methods. For instance, if you want to download various videos, it’s practically a cup of tea with this software. To this end, it’s an open-source app and is available for free.

To summarize, MacBooks are great but one can always add useful apps for higher ease. In this case, we hope that we are able to help with your MacBook!

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