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It is worth mentioning that if your phone’s rear glass is smashed or damaged, not only it can be painful and frustrating to use, it is also not good for the overall health of your phone. Any sort of dust or moisture can enter the phone which will shorten the handset’s lifespan drastically.

A phone’s rear glass is the flat piece of glass that sticks at the edge of the phone. There is a ring of adhesive that goes around the device that keeps it on the back of the phone. If that is cracked, it will need to be detached cautiously with heat and other proper tools; otherwise, it may crack more and create a dirt cloud of tiny glass. Now that is not fun!

Mobilink’s rear glass replacement services will get you back on track if your mobile phone has taken a tumble! Our rear glass service requires complete detachment of the phone and specialized tooling to remove the glass, hence retaining the original shape, yet having a smooth and fresh rear glass.

Manufacturers nowadays are making the backside of mobile devices with glass. That is because this seems to assist wireless charging.

We use a laser cutter as it makes the repair safer as it cuts around all cables and requires less physical force onto the phone. We have done thousands of repairs in the recent past. The machine we use gives a fine finishing to the phone’s rear glass.


A vital reason why you should contact us for replacing your phone’s rear glass is that we will always get your agreement before the order is placed for a replacement screen. We will proceed with the repairs only when you have given your approval to our charges.

Moreover, you will be delighted to know that our customers and clients get professional help and affordable phone rear glass replacement price along with a guarantee and assurance from us.


  • High-quality components – For all our repairs, we use high-quality replacement parts. This ensures a lasting solution for your handset.
  • Express repairs – We are committed to providing a swift rear glass replacement service. We understand how vital and crucial a smartphone has grown to be in our daily routines, which is why we focus on fast turnarounds.
  • Expert team – Our professional and experienced team members bring years of experience onto the table.
  • Trusted reviews – Outstanding customer service and quality repairs are paramount at Mobilink UK. We know that customer satisfaction and clients’ reviews reflect the quality of our services.
  • Warranty – We are pretty confident about the quality of our rear glass replacement and the testing process. Our confidence is thus reflected in our provision of a warranty to our customers.

As soon as we are done with the phone’s rear glass, one of our customer support executives will get back to you with the update and other details. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us!


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