Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is an incredible watch when weighed against its competitors.
However, as a success to the Galaxy Watch 4, it’s a huge disappointment.
The upgrades are few and there certainly isn’t enough on offer to trade in last year’s model.
However, if you have an old Wear OS 2 watch that you’re looking to change, you won’t find a better watch for Android than the Galaxy Watch 5.



1.  The best example of Wear OS 3
2.  New and improved sleep tracking
3.  Better battery life for a Wear OS device
4.  Accurate HRM results


1.  Hardly any different from the Galaxy Watch 4
2.  The temperature sensor is an afterthought
3.  The workout selection needs improving

Key Features

•   Two sizes Watch 5 comes in both 40mm and 44mm sizes
•   Quicker charging and a bigger battery jump from 361mAh to 410mAh
•   New Sapphire crystal display up to 1.6x stronger than last year


Final Thoughts

Although it currently leads the way in terms of wearable devices outside the empire of the Apple Watch,
Samsung has not taken advantage of the Galaxy Watch 5. Instead of adding a set of updates to help it compete against the upcoming Pixel Watch,
the company has instead let out a near carbon-copy of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, with only a few minor changes.

All things considered, the Galaxy Watch 5 remains an outstanding smartwatch that runs on terrific software, with a modish build and a solid battery life for a premium wearable.
If you’re coming up from Wear OS 2 watch then it’s easily a worthy upgrade,
but if you have last year’s Galaxy Watch 4 then we see entirely no reason that you should trade it in.
Our recommendation to you would be to hold off until the Galaxy Watch 6 arrives – or, at the very least,
wait just a few more months to see what Google ends up offering with its first mainline wearable.

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