Secure Your iPhone With Top Security Tips

The iPhone is in particular, a very secure device, and people often find it impossible for the iPhone to be breached. For instance, would you ever think that the iPhone can be made vulnerable to strangers? Of course not! However, this isn’t true since there are instances when even your iPhone can reveal photos and sensitive information. Further, it can reveal financial information.

Subsequently, people often question about iPhone data recovery London since they might need to recover the breached data. Consequently, why not use some features that reduce the chances of such data breaching errors? For this reason, we are sharing top tips that will stop the iPhone from gaining vulnerability!


In the first place, the users need to use a strong password rather than using  four-digit codes. Also, this password is suggested for unlocking the iPhone. Consequently, users can choose the combination of symbols, numerical values, and letters. Besides, the password must be requested immediately after the lock screen switches on.

In addition, the users can switch on the “erase data” feature. As a result, in the case of ten failed password trials, the iPhone will delete the data. On the contrary, keep in mind that this data will be permanently deleted, and there won’t be any recovery. For this reason, it’s better that you remember the password. Still, it will reduce the chances of people breaching the password.

Lock Screen Notifications

To begin with, no amount of complicated password will prevent data from vulnerability if they appear on the lock screen. For this purpose, the users need to switch off the lock screen notifications since it ensures people don’t see your sensitive information. For instance, your emails and messages can have sensitive details, such as financial data and confirmation codes.

For this purpose, ensure that your iPhone data has the least information on the screen. For this reason, open the settings and open the password tab. Further, uncheck the “Allow access when locked” section, and you will be able to secure the information.

Two-Step Verification For iCloud & Apple ID

For the most part, one lock feature is good, but two is even better. Similarly, you should opt for the two-step verification for iCloud and Apple ID. Since you can set this verification, you can even register more than one trusted device. Consequently, these devices can receive the verification codes through Find My iPhone or SMS (four-digit code).

As a result, your Apple account will be safe, and no one will be able to access it. Furthermore, it’s for the people who are not authorized. For this purpose, go to and open the “manage your Apple ID” tab and tap on the password and security. In the same way, click on two-step verification, and you will be able to secure the account.

Siri On Lock Screen

To begin with, whenever you are away from your phone, people can use Siri even if the screen is locked. For the most part, Siri is an amazing feature, but this personal assistance can also give away sensitive information. Hence, the information that you wish to keep confidential will be lost. For this purpose, why don’t you switch off Siri on the lock screen, so one can say “Hey Siri” and get access to your data.

Although keep in mind that Siri can communicate with any person, authentication is not required. As a result, even if someone isn’t the owner of the iPhone, Siri will work. For this purpose, you can go to the passcode tab of settings and switch off Siri from the “allow access when locked” tab. Consequently, your iPhone will be safe from intruders (through Siri, of course).

Automatic iCloud Synchronization

In the first place, we all know how the pictures stored on iCloud were leaked, and it caused an uproar. For this reason, many people were angry, and celebrities are some of them. For instance, one thinks that deleting their pictures from the gallery will do the trick, but it doesn’t. That’s to say, because the pictures are synced on the iCloud even if you delete them locally.

For the most part, it is more about every media or file on the iPhone because it can save contacts, messages, and notes, along with documents. For this reason, you need to switch off automatic iCloud synchronization because it reduces the chances of data compromising issues. To illustrate, open the setting and go to iCloud to switch it off.

Automatic Wi-Fi Connection

iPhones are great, and you can connect to various Wi-Fi networks (known) automatically and without your knowledge. However, it’s not always the safest option because some cybercriminal acts can be conducted. Generally, it happens with the trusted public Wi-Fi hotspot. In brief, switch off the automatic Wi-Fi connection feature!

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