The Best Charger for Your MacBook

MacBook is the ultimate companion for everyone who needs a laptop that doesn’t compromise on performance and cutting-edge technology. All MacBook variants are designed with high-end and long battery life but you have to charge it some time, right? The MacBook comes with a charger, but if you are anything like us, you would understand that chargers don’t last much.

With this being said, everyone is aware of the fact that Apple loves to earn through their accessories and the MacBook charger is no exception. That’s to say because buying the new MacBook charger can be pretty expensive and you might not even get the brightest bulb in the room (it’s a metaphor, please understand!).

So, we were really done with investing such a fortune in the new Apple charger because it wouldn’t even provide the value for money. Consequently, if you have been looking for the Apple MacBook charger. But don’t want to splurge the money, we have got you covered. That’s to say because we have lined out a variety of charger options for you.

One needs to understand that the market is loaded with a variety of chargers and you can opt for the multi-device charger as it offers a diverse range of features. With this being said, research really helps optimize the right choice because some substitute products work better than the official chargers. As for the costs, the original Apple chargers come with a variety of costs.

For instance, the 30W charger costs $49, the 61W charger costs $69, while the 96W charger costs $79 which is pretty much if you check the other yet better options in the market. So, if you’ve been eyeing an amazing Apple MacBook charger, we have got you covered!

Choosing The Right USB-C MacBook Charger

For everyone who thinks buying the substitute MacBook charger is a piece of cake, let us tell you that the cake smells of rotten eggs. With this being said, one needs to consider multiple factors while buying the USB-C MacBook charger, such as;


First of all, you need to consider the wattage because it’s one of the most essential parts of choosing the charge. This is because if you don’t find the right wattage that complies with the MacBook, the MacBook will surely charge but it will be slow. In some cases, the charger won’t work at all.


While buying the new charger for your MacBook, you need to be extremely mindful of the MacBook model. This is because finding out the right model helps you assess the right wattage that you need in the charger. For instance, for the MacBook models of models above 2015, we suggest opting for the 30W USB-C Charger. It’s fine for MacBook Air for 2018 models and higher, as well.

On the other hand, if you have the MacBook Pro 13-inches or the MacBook Pro 15-inches, you can opt for 61W and 87W USB-C chargers, respectively.

Charging Cable

Before you pay the bill for the new charger, you need to ensure that USB-C charging cable is not the malfunctioned thing. That’s to say because you don’t need to have the official Apple cable. With this being said, you shouldn’t opt for the $2 cable because it’s too cheap to be effective and has 6m in length. Even more, effectiveness and durability will be greatly impacted.

Best MacBook Chargers

Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim

When it comes down to this charger, it has been designed to charge multiple devices at a time. This charger actually has Gallium Nitride construction that’s been curated with three USB ports, along with one USB-C port. These Gallium Nitride chargers are comparatively compact without compromising on durability and efficiency.

As compared to the chargers with silicone components, these chargers will last a long time. The charger has been incorporated with the patented PowerIQ3 technology that’s designed to improve the charging capacity. When it comes down to the top shell, it has been curated with the central charging light. In addition, the availability of electric blue ports at the front showcase which port you are using.

When you first buy this charger, it will come with mounting. The strips make it easy to attach to the desk. It’s also a great way of optimizing the space. So you will have more space on the desk and the desk will remain free from clutter.

RAVPower 90W

For everyone who needs fast charging for their MacBook Pro, this charger is the best bill. As the name suggests, this charger is designed to offer 90W power. That fully charges the MacBook Pro within two hours. At the front of the charger, it has been incorporated with two USB-C ports, empowering. You to charge two different devices at a time.

With this being said, you can charge your MacBook Pro as well as the smartphone. Above all, it has a GaN configuration that makes it compact and efficient. Above all, it won’t even crowd up your laptop bag. When you buy this charger, the package will come with the USB-C charging cable for improved charging performance. Only use this cable with the RAVPower charger.

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