The Tricky iPhone 7 hacks For Better Productivity

Apple is a proud yet luxury brand that has designed an extensive range of products, ranging from iPhone to iPads and MacBook to iPod. With each year, Apple launches a new product that’s meant to be better than the previous one, so Apple evidently keeps improving their products and technology. With this being said, Apple launched iPhone 7 a few years back, and it became the talk of the town.

In case you are done finding the iPhone 7 screen replacements, and your iPhone is all in good condition, there are various techniques and hacks that can improve the overall functionality of the iPhone 7. Even more, these hacks will help make the most out of your iPhone 7. So, are you ready to harness the hacks and enjoy your iPhone a little bit more?. The Tricky iPhone 7 hacks.

Magnifying Glass

Did you know that your iPhone 7 could be transformed into a magnifying glass? We pretty much doubt it. With this being said, if you want to look at the bugs or dig out the splinters, your iPhone 7 will help. For this purpose, tap the home button three times, and it will turn your phone into a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass comes with a slider for controlling the zoom. Also, there is an optional flashlight if you are in the dark.

Transcription of Voicemails

Accrediting to the iOS 10, the iPhone 7 will empower the users to transcribe their voicemails automatically, which means you don’t have to plug in the handsfree any longer for listening to your friends’ voicemails. There are some weak spots since transcription misses a few words. Still, it’s pretty suitable since it doesn’t impact the overall sense of the voicemail.

Flashlight Brightness

If you are an iPhone user, we are pretty sure that you would be in love with the flashlight and how bright it can be. Well, it turns out that Apple throws the ball in the user’s court and allows them to control the brightness of the flashlight. For this purpose, hard press the flashlight icon on your iPhone, and it will bring up the brightness levels, ranging from bright to medium and low. The Tricky iPhone 7 hacks.

Live Photo Editing

Live photos are actually pretty precious since they empower the users to capture the moments, rather than the still pictures. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple wants you to have perfect memories as users can edit the live photos with iPhone 7. With this being said, the users can crop, modify the brightness level, resize, and edit the live motion’s timing, resulting in perfect memories.

Closing Tabs In Safari

Sure, you have the time to close the tabs one by one, but why not save that time for something better? With this being said, if you have clogged your Safari browser with hundreds of tabs, iPhone 7 will allow you to close all tabs at once. For this, open the Safari app and hold the tab button. The button is available at the bottom right corner. Once you hold it, click on the “close all tabs” options, and magic is done!

Siri Selfies

In the era of Instagram, everyone loves to take amazing selfies. So, Siri can help you click on the most amazing selfies. For instance, you need to shout, take a selfie on your iPhone 7, and Siri will switch on the front camera for you. In addition, Siri can launch the rear camera as well, which is an apt choice for people who have their gloves on all the time.

Photo Doodling

We all love to doodle and share our artistic side. With this being said, the iPhone 7 now allows the users to doodle the photos. For this purpose, open the image in the Photo apps and click on the edit button. This will showcase the markup option with which users can add the handwritten notes on the photos. Well, you can also draw horns if you are devilish or draw cute cat eyes if you are into cute stuff; the choice is yours!

Texts (Handwritten!)

For everyone who wants to add a personal touch to the texts, iPhone 7 now allows the users to handwrite the texts. In this case, open the iMessage, and it will open up the notepad with which you can finger-write the texts rather than typing. This is pretty appealing since you can add an artistic and personalized touch to the texts. The Tricky iPhone 7 hacks.

Notification Flash

Do you want to keep your iPhone on silent because your sister is sleeping with you but don’t want to skip on the notifications either? You can now switch on the notification flash. With this feature, the iPhone 7 screen will flash whenever there is a new notification, so you will know without additional noise. For activating this feature, open the settings, move to the general tab, scroll down to accessibility, and tap on the LED flash for alerts.

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