Top Data Recovery Software For iOS Devices

In the first place, let us clarify that it’s completely normal when you need to recover the data from your phone. Generally, people look for data recovery services in London when it concerns recovering data from the iPhone. However, some people have been storing important files for easy access. For example, easier and quicker access to emails, documents, and more.

In particular, people tend to keep personal and essential data on the phone. However, memory wipeout and phone loss issues are especially significant. Subsequently, the users will lose the videos, photos, files, and documents on the phone. So, if you have iOS or macOS devices and need data recovery, we have various data recovery apps available for iPhones!


To begin with, Tenorshare is one of the top software and apps for data recovery. As compared to other apps, this app promises the fastest data recovery. This software is suitable if your iPhone has a jailbreaking, system crash, broken screen, or locked up issues. To illustrate, Tenorshare has three recovery modes available. For instance, it has iCloud backup through iOS device backup or iTunes. Above all, it has higher compatibility with the majority of iOS devices. Lastly, the users can conduct selected recovery as well.


Even if you need something versatile and diverse, this recovery software is a fine choice for you. For this purpose, Wondershare is suitable for different operating systems. For instance, Wondershare can be used for iOS, as well as Android, Mac, and Windows. Generally, you can simply plug in the computer, connect the phone, and use the “recover data” mode. Also, there is a free version available, but it has a limited feature. To illustrate, Wondershare has a sleek interface, and easy navigation is our favorite.


In the first place, this app is loaded with features when you need data recovery services. To begin with, users can recover unlimited data from different iOS devices. Subsequently, this app is a one-stop-shop for everyone who needs to protect the data. In addition, it has a data recovery feature for ineffective operating devices and unresponsive devices. Moreover, EaseUS is compatible with Microsoft Store. Also, there are bug fixes and regular updates available for streamlined performance.

Recovery Android

Before you judge this app, it’s best to read further because it’s great for iOS devices. In particular, the convenient interface promises straightforward data recovery. In addition, Recovery Android has added step-by-step tutorials for users to recover the data. Nevertheless, Recovery Android has a smooth and promising interface for an effective outcome.


Coupled with the phone and data recovery, Fonepaw has a unique factor. For instance, with Fonepaw, users can recover data from social media apps. Also, data recovery is offered for the lost phones. Even if you factory reset your iPhone by mistake, Fonepaw will offer data recovery even then. The users can specifically recover data from the devices, as well as iTunes and iCloud. Also, there are iOS system recovery and restore features available.

iPhone Backup Extractor

For the most part, this software is specifically designed for iOS users. Subsequently, users can recover the lost files. In addition, it can help recover the corrupt data. We wouldn’t mind saying that this feature is exceptional since people lose their essential data due to corruption. Moreover, it can uncover the encrypted files and data from the iPhone. As a result, the users can even recover the browser history from Safari, along with the bookmarks.

iPhone Recovery

In the first place, this software is available for free as well as a pro version. Consequently, the pro version has high-end and advanced features. Still, the free version has an extensive list of features. For instance, the free version helps extract reminders, call history, songs, bookmarks, media files, and more. Above all, the users can even extract the WhatsApp messages from the iPhone. To summarize, you can recover and extract everything in three simple steps.


Above all, this software is designed with a convenient and intuitive interface which is optimal for various users. To illustrate, the user can recover deleted as well as lost data. In addition, the users can restore the data from the backup files. Moreover, it has support and computability for various devices, such as Windows and iOS devices at once. In brief, there are two versions available; technician and home. With this being said, the home version is great for laymen while the technician version is apt for IT professionals.


People generally want the advanced features, but they don’t want to pay the higher subscription charges. For this reason, Syncios is the right choice for such people. In particular, this software will help with the recovery of images, videos, documents, emails, and music. Moreover, users can even recover the archives. All in all, it has an extremely easy-to-use interface that makes it a reliable choice for the novice!

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