Unlocking The Android & iPhone Without Losing Data

Unfortunately, we all have been to a point where our phones get locked, right? Afterward, it’s just chaos and a desire to unlock the phone without losing the data. Conversely, people question how to unlock a locked Android phone without losing data. At the same time, this is a persistent issue with iPhones as well. For this reason, we have some foolproof ways with which you can unlock the locked iPhones as well as Androids. In brief, let’s read on!

The Google Account

To begin with, if you have an older Android smartphone, all you need is a Google account. Generally, Android phones work through the Google Account. For this reason, if you have access to a similar Google account, you can get it unlocked. On the contrary, keep in mind that it only works with phones working on Android 4.4 or lesser. Finally, we can check out how to trespass the locks with a Google account.

In the first place, attempt the wrong/incorrect pattern on the phone and hit the “forgot pattern” option. Then, it will offer various ways of accessing the phone; you can choose a Google account. Conversely, when you hit the next button, enter the login credentials of the Google account. Also, keep in mind to add the Google account details that were linked to the phone. As a result, you will be asked to make a new pattern and confirm it. Also, it unlocks the phone without losing data but it works only on Android.

Android Device Manager

For the most part, the Android device manager is the “find my device” on the iPhone. For this reason, this method can be used on Android and iPhones all the same. In summary, it helps locate smartphones remotely. Similarly, it can be used to ring the phone or change its lock. For this purpose, you need to access the interface from other devices and add the Google account credentials.

To summarize, you need to sign into the find my device or android device manager, depending on the phone. Subsequently, it will open the interface and you can choose the device connected to the account. As a result, there will be erased, a ring, and lock options. In particular, tap on the lock option and it will open the new window.

Further, make a new password and confirm it. Also, you can add the recovery message. Then, just confirm the password remotely and you will be able to unlock your phone.


In the first place, this is the Android Debug Bridge that can be used to unlock the phone without factory reset. Although, it can be time-consuming and challenging. Nevertheless, we have the details of this. To begin with, download the ADB system on the system and launch it after download. Further, connect the phone to the system and switch on the USB debugging.

For this purpose, open the settings, go to about phone, and hit the “build number” option seven times. As a result, the developer options will be switched on the device. Moreover, open the developer options from the settings and switch on the USB debugging option. Then, launch the command prompt and add “ADB shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” and hit the enter button.

To summarize, you can now reboot the phone. As a result, you will be able to access the phone without any passwords or patterns. With this being said, you can unlock the phone without factory reset and losing the data.

Dr. Fone

To begin with, Dr. Fone is the screen unlocking software with which users can remove the screen lock. For instance, users can remove fingerprint, PIN, pattern, and password. Above all, Dr. Fone helps remove the screen locks without losing data. In the same way, all the data and information on the phone will remain intact.

As far as the features are concerned, it works with different lock screens. In addition, users can unlock the screen without losing the data. Moreover, Dr. Fone is a great software that works with various Android smartphones without any restrictions.

Backing Up The Data

For the most part, one can try unlocking the smartphone but it’s better to back up the device. For this reason, there are various tools that can help back up the data.

Android Multi-Tool

To begin with, this is an effective tool with simple functionality. For instance, it has a simple user interface which makes it suitable for non-tech people as well. However, it’s a precise app, so be vigilant about the options you click on.

Device SIM Unlock Phone

In the first place, this is an easy and simple tool that helps back up the data with an internet connection. For instance, it can be used with Nokia, Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Sony, NEC, Vitel, Siemens, and Maxxon. Truth be told, it’s easy to use an app with simple instructions. Also, it needs an active internet connection to work.

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